After I launched my book I 2017, I decided it was time to go and hang out with some kids in schools to share the story and the messages of kindness, authentic friendship and lots of hope!

2018 to 2019

In this time I have visited over 1,000 students in schools including Woodridge, Camp Hill, Rochedale South, Shailer Park, Alex Hills, Vienna Woods, Durack, Warrigal Road, Hillview and John Paul College – showing them my little power point of the story behind the writing of Charlie and Sophia, the 7 steps to writing and sharing my message of the power of authentic friendship and how to be resilient in the face of bullying.

The kids love it and I have a quiz and prizes which works a treat!!! 

2017 and 2018 were filled with recognition which helped me to keep going!

  • ​“Wonderful Women of Waterford’ Award for International Women’s Day and my work in the community with Women
  • ‘Local Legend’ Award in Logan for Outstanding Contribution to the local community
  • Finalist in the ‘Women in Business Awards’ for Community Dedication and Contribution

2019 – Workshops

In the Christmas School holidays of 2018 -2019 I decided to trial the ‘Charlie and Sophia’ workshops with parents and children.  

In the parent’s workshop – I show them the key strategies and themes I use with the children utilising the workbook and novel which include – friendships; using art to have a discussion about bullying; the power of journal writing or drawing; the importance of having a plan to manage anxiety and my magic purple bag.  We also do some drumming which is lots of fun and helps to channel ‘joy’. You have to do the workshop so you can see the ‘magic bag in action!’

The children’s workshop in the community – 

We did 4 Saturdays of children’s workshops in the Christmas school holidays to trial the program before I took it into the schools.  I got to see what worked well and what they responded to and needed.  The kids absolutely loved it and the feedback from their Mums and Dads was very positive!


I applied for a community grant to trial ‘Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia’ in a Logan primary School and was fortunate to gain the funding for Woodridge State School in partnership with Access Community Services as my ‘auspice’. 

We ran the program in term 3 – one day a week for the whole term with a year 5 class which consisted of 13 mainstream and 12 SEP students.  It was a huge success with the children really diving in and participating 100%. The teachers and administration staff of the school were thrilled with the results and I look forward to more schools utilising the books and the program. Watch the film footage and you will see the changes in the children and the joy of singing, dancing and using art as a means of expression.  The school is hoping to order 48 more books for year 6 second term to use for ‘conflict resolution’.

Teacher feedback:

I think it’s wonderful the way you emphasised relationships and the importance of establishing a safe supportive environment. Your program is wonderful and we have been extremely fortunate to pilot this program. 5A students will remember this experience! And, I’m hoping Shankari and Kiki will be keen to revisit the book’s themes in the future. Thank you for sharing – the video is just AMAZING!

Belinda HOSE

5A greatly enjoyed the book and the related activities ‘Charming Charlie and Spectacular Sofia’. Students developed essential skills such as working together (collaborating) as a team, collective decision-making, developing resilience, persisting with work, taking pride in their presentations and taking responsibility. Students loved learning presenting, drumming, singing, dancing and illustrating taking lesson from the book’s illustrator. The whole programme enriched our students in so many different ways. Year 5 Teacher Kulwinder

Kids feedback:

You have been so wonderful to us; you are the best.  Thanks for spoiling us! Grace

Dear Miss Fi – you are the best person in the world and I love doing the drums to get my hurt out.  You are the loveliest person, Skye

Dear Mrs Fi and Mrs J – you made us improver everything thank you – Sharifa.

Film footage of the program