After working for over 30 years supporting young people and their families to be a productive part of their own community, I decided it was time to share my experiences and what I learnt along the way. So just over 3 years ago I moved into delivering accredited training in Youth and Community Services.  I have always been a facilitator of sorts teaching dance, theatre, self-development, building self-esteem and confidence and taking the bullying education program, Walk in My Shoes that I developed at Wesley Mission Brisbane around Australia for 3 years into schools and community organisations. Over 2,000 people around Australia have participated in those workshops.  Going into training seemed like a natural transition for me.

I have 3 magnificent sons – Chris, Dave and Adam and 3 beautiful Grand-children, Circe and Maggie and little Louie.  I also have 2 sisters. I enjoy writing and have just completed a children’s book (Charming Charlie and the Spectacular Sophia) and hope to take it into schools and share the importance of friendship and empathy. I am also an Arts therapist and I work with little children on the weekend helping them to cope with life.

In the words of one of my students – ‘I am so excited to have completed the Diploma. Other than marrying my best friend and my kids, this is one of my greatest achievements.  Thank you so much Fi for your help and support. I couldn’t have done it without you.’  Selina

I thoroughly enjoy working with people to inspire them to be the best they can be and helping them believe they deserve the success that comes with following their passion to help others.  To be a great youth and community worker I believe you need to understand who you are and what makes you tick. To be a great trainer you need to ‘walk in others’ shoes’ for a moment in time, be available to hear their stories, honour who they are and keep the spark alive!  Every day I learn more about myself through working with others and my students inspire me to be the best trainer I can be.  When I assist them to reach their goals it makes me very proud of them and myself.